As business trends come and go, helping people work better together is a constant need.

Gwen is known for listening to and supporting leaders in creating customized growth plans that fosters great leaders – and great lives. 

At Gwen Parks Group we provide strategies that result in immediate positive change in behavior and results. Gwen has personally worked with hundreds of leaders to quickly create insights and strategies to unblock themselves and their teams, and shift frustration to performance. We introduce deep human connection and light-heartedness into the workplace in a way that creates serious business results.

Individual Executive Coaching

We help you understand what you need to be at your best. You will learn ways to more clearly articulate what you need from others in order to function as part of an effective organization and develop a communication framework that enables honest and constructive conversations. You will also significantly bolster your leadership capability in the areas of self-awareness, personal effectiveness, brand management and building effective circles of influence. In addition, we work with leaders to use their human assets wisely. We partner with leaders and their teams in a highly customized way that catalyzes teams to quickly achieve the trust, understanding and collaboration they need to perform at their peak and hit their goals.

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Keynote Speaker

Gain insights from Gwen’s years of experience in leadership and team building which she has turned into life lessons. As a respected global expert on team success, she understands what it takes for a team to work cohesively and for leaders to maximize their effectiveness. Gwen is a keynote speaker for topics including leadership, self-awareness, interpersonal and team success, and her Great Leader Great Life series. 

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