Welcome to Gwen Parks Group

Welcome to Gwen Parks Group. If you are facing intense demands and juggling the needs of a team you want to perform better, we’re here to help you. If you’re committed to being a great leader and want to empower the people you lead to lead rich fulfilling careers, we’re here to help you with that also. We thrive on challenges, including supporting you as a leader meeting your own set of challenges.

We’ve spent years working with Executives and teams who want to achieve world-class results. Our clients are exceptional performers in highly competitive organizations who recognize the value of having objective support from a trusted advisor. Our passion is helping great leaders manage their human assets wisely.

In today’s workplace, people are on the move. Teams are often global which imposes additional demands of creating virtual relationships. A team that is high-performing can suddenly falter when facing unexpected tensions, conflicts and performance dips. In short, the barriers to creating personal connections necessary to build strong teams are greater than ever. Our proven methodologies help leaders understand the individual needs of their teams and create strategies to get the best out of the team.

Leading and managing your human assets aren’t like managing inventory – people aren’t predictable. We use assessments to provide objective data to explore the fundamental reasons of why people do what they do. Then we design customized coaching and consulting based on the needs of the leaders and team.

The ability to influence others and create strong collaborative teams through multiple outlets in a highly collaborative world is a necessary talent for all leaders today. We know from experience that our methods work for executives searching for ways to reduce the amount of time and energy needed to keep their teams performing smoothly. We help leaders increase their effectiveness with teams that are positive, productive and collaboratively producing results.

In addition to our customized consulting, we are excited to launch our Great Leader Great Life series. This series integrates the best practices and lessons from our experience with consulting at work – Great Leader – into broader application into the personal life our leaders – Great Life. Over the years, our business consulting has organically leveraged into deeper, more personal relationships and helping our clients integrate leadership strategies into their lives. Great Leader Great Life addresses the broader aspects of personal growth, leveraging professional and personal lessons to every area of our clients’ lives. Many of the leader practices and strategies we explore in our corporate consulting can make personal relationships more fulfilling. Check out our Great Leader Great Life page for a bit of variety … blogs, VODs and guests. When you look back on your career, we want you to be confident that you had a great career and have lived a wonderful life.

Welcome. We are excited to be part of your journey.